Sunday, May 27, 2018


Constitution and Bylaws, Article V, Section 2
Annual Meeting - An annual meeting shall be held during the two months following the completion of the fiscal year of the Church.  The fiscal year of the Church shall be determined by the Council of Elders.  The annual meeting is for the review of the ministries of the previous year and preview of the plans for the upcoming year, and for other appropriate business.  
Quarterly Meeting – Quarterly meetings of the Church shall be held within the first month of each quarter of the fiscal year.  If the annual meeting is held in the first month of the new fiscal year it may be combined with the quarterly meeting that is scheduled for that month. 
Special Meetings – The Council of Elders may call a special business meeting at anytime during the year.  Notice of the meeting shall be given in a regularly scheduled worship service the two Sundays preceding the meeting and a written notice shall be sent to all resident members within a week of the meeting.  The oral and written notice shall clearly state the purpose of the meeting.
Quorum – Any number of resident members shall constitute a quorum at business meetings of the Church except at meetings dealing with particular matters stipulated in these By-Laws where the quorum prescribed shall apply.
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