Sunday, May 27, 2018

Leadership Team

    Dr. Jimmy Long, Senior Pastor

     Family : Wife, Nancy; Children, Jackie, Jay

     Education: B.A. in Religious Studies,
     University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

     Master of Divinity,
     Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

     Doctor of Ministry,
     Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

     Contact Information:
     Cell Phone: 706-817-9063


  Michael Wells Pastor of    
  Worship & Small Groups

  Wife, Pam;    
  Children: Jennifer, Jason, Ashley,
  and A.J.
  Education: University of Mobile,
  Mannes College of Music, Julliard
  Contact Information:
  Cell Phone:  706-817-1950

  Caleb Bell, Student Pastor

  Family: Wife, Sarah

  Education: Pursuing a BA in Religion with a concentration
                   in Christian World View
  Contact Information:
  Cell Phone:  470-422-0927



Nancy Miller
Administrative Assistant

 Mike Sullivan
Administrative Coordinator





Elder Council
Jim George, Chairman
(706) 453-6354
Michael Stewart, Vice-Chairman
(706) 339-9999
David Torbert, Secretary
(706) 347-0542
Shawn Slate
(706) 817-1412
Glenn Winslette
(706) 347-1354
Darrell Roth
(706) 990-8984
Jim Bedsole
Deacon Council
Earl Smith,
Mercy Team Leader
(912) 674-1008
Mallory Granitz,
Benevolence Team Leader
(706) 433-3640



Ministry Teams Leader Phone Number
 Evangelism/Outreach  Libby & Donnie Chapman  706-816-8143
 Missions  Erick Deberry  912-541-0302
 Small Groups  Michael Wells  706-817-1950
 Prayer  Germaine & Everette Copeland  706-454-0368
 Hospitality  David Allen  706-817-3912
   Orian Motley  706-347-0243
 Front Line  James Moore  770-601-1217
 Preschool  Kim Cash  706-473-1381
 Students  Caleb Bell  470-422-0927
 Music  Michael Wells  706-817-1950
 Mercy  Carol & Earl Smith  706-467-3024
Building/ Grounds Perry Underwood 404-274-7081
Personnel Rick Cook 201-960-1683
Technical Support Tom Robinson 706-453-6445
Security Matt Ferman 770-356-8387
Celebrate Recovery Luke Miller 706-717-0826
Celebration Place Deborah Miller 706-319-0281
The Landing Robin Shuman 706-319-6859